I love it when people are happy with what we do - in fact, it makes my day.  Check out some great feedback from some our wonderful clients: 

"Cherie has adapted brilliantly to the variation we have with our clients. Not only does she understand their DNA, she also has a wealth of creativity, a high professional standard and willingness to create fresh new content and copy for each project. Cherie continues to flourish for Bumblebee Social Media, and is a great team member to have on board." Amy Steiner-Simpson, Bumblebee Social Media  

"Cherie helped transform my content in so many ways. She helped turn my technical info into a really simple dialogue that everyday people can understand. Cherie is my number one content advisor from websites to brochures. She has a fun vibrant personality which makes it so easy to communicate your ideas to and get the job done. Why bother spending hours on trying to get your message across in content when you have a brilliant and talent content writer like Cherie! She had saved me so many hours in time :)" Saf, Footstop Podiatry

"From my first meeting with Cherie I knew she was going to be a great fit for my business blogs and Facebook posts, she had done her research and got my business in a snap!Cherie has this wonderful talent of doing what she says she’s going to do, within the time frame, smoothly and efficiently, the end product is always spot on, she must do a lot of research, sometimes I wonder how she knows so much about what I do!!!, she is fantastic!!!I would highly recommend Cherie to any business, she definitely has a way with words and the knowledge and finesse to help businesses say what they want to..

Thanks Cherie you are an absolute asset to my business!!" Tami, Flowers by Tami 

"Cherie of Project Market was an invaluable help in getting my marketing off the ground for my new business HoneyBliss. Three years ago, we started with the basics and she very quickly caught onto what I was trying to do and helped create niche marketing copy around that. Since then, the business has grown  and developed in different directions requiring a fresh look at marketing,website and online tools.  Cherie has consistently created wonderful copy and marketing strategies for the growth and directions without losing  the sense of HoneyBliss ethics. In addition to creating marketing and strategic copy, she now has a wonderful marketing knowledge and experience to draw on and I am looking forward to working alongside her with my new business adventures. I would highly recommend her to anyone thinking about  revamping or analysing their current marketing or developing  a new business, product or service. Your business will thank you for it."

Margie Thomas -  Director of Honeybliss Ltd

"I (finally) caught up with Tauranga Plumbing yesterday re the content and they wanted me to pass on their thanks :) They absolutely love the content, and that you managed to capture the essence and tone of their business and employees spot on without even sitting down to have a chat with them. And they said if you want a reference at all for your services then they’d be happy to provide one. So thanks heaps for that – another very happy customer!"

Brad Gillon, Inspyre Web Design