Project Market Packages

Expertise across the mix …

Start Your Engine

  • logo & tagline
  • business card
  • website

Think Fast and Furious, Starsky and Hutch - this Start Your Engine package has got what it takes to win every race. In a matter of a few weeks, we will give you a smoking logo, a tagline that roars, business cards with maximum acceleration and a website that will outpace the competition. 

Nobody comes close to us when it comes to pure drive and determination to make sure you start up with a bang! So start your engines people and give us a call today! P: 027 733 3915


The Nigella

  • logo & tagline
  • style guide
  • business card
  • brochure
  • website
  • photo shoot
  • Facebook timeline cover

We love Nigella - stunning and sultry, a talented chef and a wicked sense of humour, we think like most men that she is the complete package and this is dedicated to the Queen of Seduction (after all isn’t that what marketing is all about?) The thrill of being a little provocative, with unlimited passion, creating design and content that charms and appeals is the art of shameless marketing seduction.

So if you like mouthwatering results we invite you to overindulge and get the tastiest of treats we have on offer today. We're a quick phone call or email away -


So you've got a website but nothing's happening?  Now things are going to get very exciting as we explore the mythical and sometimes downright confusing world of SEO. SEO includes (So take your pick or choose the whole package)

  • Keyword research
  • Competition research
  • Keyword analysis
  • Content Marketing
  • Meta tag and description content
  • Rank checking and SEO Competition
  • And probably more ....

Don't get bogged down by the detail, that's our job.  Whether you have a start-up budget  or a big whopping bank account we can help.  Contact us today!



Pimp My Brand

  • develop existing brand
  • style guide
  • marketing plan

A marketing teams dream is to take something good and make it spectacular. This marketing package is the opportunity for us to get our hands on your product or service and soup it up so it's firing on all cylinders.  We believe in creating something entirely custom-made that suits your style and attitude.   If you want a product that is a "one-off" let us give your  brand a complete overhaul and your marketing plan some super-cool fuel injection (and maybe even some flames up the side).  Fire up and contact us today!


Extreme Makeover

  • total rebrand

When we say extreme that is exactly what we mean. As a copywriter and graphic designer we are in the business of "concepts and creation". The best brands are developed using clever design alongside powerful words. You only have to look at some of the most well known brands to see how clever they have used graphics with a savvy tagline.  

A total rebrand lets you start again - being able to show off the new and improved version of where it all began.  Giving your business a new look, a new image and a new feel.  There will be more to like than ever before.

Don't wait another day to give your brand exactly what it needs to look and feel great! Refresh, update, and revitalise with your new brand - join us in the evolution!