What's It Like Volunteering for Beyond the Bin?

I had my very first volunteering event last week for Beyond the Bin who are the zero waste management crew here in the Bay.  

First of all I want to say they are an awesome bunch of cool people! On Friday night I took off for the weekly Gourmet Food Market at Mount Maunganui which is a beautiful group of vendors selling the most amazing food set in Coronation Park.  With wonderful live music and sunshine to boot, living the dream came to mind.

I met James who is one of the waste management supervisors who was super friendly and an all round great guy.  He took me over my H & S induction, handed me a cool Beyond the Bin tee-shirt and set me up alongside my three bins - compostable, recyclable and land fill.  I had one of those rubbish picker uppers and had been briefed around what was what and we were away.

I can honestly say everyone who came to put their rubbish in the bins were fantastic.  If they weren't too sure what went where we had cool clip boards showing examples of types of rubbish and where they should go and we are also there to help and advise.

Kim Renshaw, Managing Director of Beyond the Bin also made sure I was ok and couldn't have been nicer.  You can tell she loves what she does and is extremely passionate about her team and the environment. 

Happy to say my lowest rubbish bin was the land fill bin and our biggest haul was in the compostable.  During my 2.5 hour stint James must have emptied that around 4 times.  

So what was it like volunteering for Beyond the Bin? Bloody brilliant! I met some great people, I learnt some more, I stood in the sun and I was thanked and praised.

Oh and last but not least, I was rewarded for this fantastic experience with a meal voucher from any of the vendors plus petrol money!  I think you could say in the voice of Arnie ... I'll be back!


Bio: Cherie Hawkins at Project Market is a growing her wonderful little business as an online and environmental copywriter.  Amongst other passions she has found her purpose is to help spread the word around how we can look after each other and our environment one word at a time.  Want to contact Cherie? Here's how - email cherie@projectmarket.co.nz