Niche Marketing - What the heck is it?

Niche marketing is all about being very, very specific on what and who you are targeting.  It’s picking just one service or product you have and coming up with a very clear marketing strategy.  You need to make the time and effort to send the right messages to the right audience at the right time.  

The benefits of niche marketing are once you start attracting the right market 9 times out of 10 they will also like all the other options you have on offer.

Here are some examples of areas of marketing that are niche:

Online Marketing or Internet Marketing

Some marketing consultants prefer more traditional marketing practices such as print marketing for example advertising in the paper, brochures, flyers and catalogues whilst others have specialised in online marketing or internet marketing.

It’s an area of marketing I love because you mix both the creative and informative with the analytical.  One of the strengths of someone who specialises in online marketing is the ability to read analytics and do keyword research.  

Keyword research is what we do to find out all the ways people are searching for you online and it’s brilliant for niche marketing purposes too.  Being able to read analytics is another powerful tool because we can see who is liking what on your website and social media platforms so we can give them more and more of what they like.  

I always say your website is like a garden. You need to feed it and water it so it thrives.  Leave it alone and it dies. This is why content marketing is so important to keep your website alive and your visitors happy (plus Google loves it too).

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another clever tool that some marketing professionals use and it’s great for keeping in touch with your market so they don’t forget you.  You can offer tips and guides, updates and specials and it certainly keeps you on your toes as far as ensuring you are keeping up to date with what’s going on where.

A good idea for email marketing is a regular e-newsletter to send out to your market.  Pop it onto your marketing strategy to make sure you get it done whether you do it yourself or outsource it to the professionals.  

If you need help with your niche marketing visit me here at  It’s a very specific way to work and with a niche marketing plan up your sleeve you’ll feel more focused and be armed with some very vital insights.