SEO Writing - What??

Ok, so from the many, many conversations I've had with business owners there still remains a lot of confusion out there about what SEO is and what SEO Writing or Website Writing actually is.

I blame the sharks and racketeers out there trying to over confuse and over charge business owners by deliberately profiteering off others lack of knowledge versus their NEED and desire to earn money from their online platforms such as websites and social media.

BUT we don't have the time to waste on the blame game and  like any industry in the whole world, you always have the good, the bad and the ugly.

So let's get back to SEO writing .... SEO writing to me is website copywriting where you have the best keywords and/or the best keyword phrases throughout the copy on your website and any copy hereinafter e.g. blogs, articles, FAQs etc.  The biggest and most important fact to always remember is your copy or content has to be quality.  

As long as your copy helps your visitors, solves their problems, gives them great advice and offers an outstanding product and service then SEO copywriting becomes second nature either for you, someone in your team or your trusted SEO copywriter. 

What are some of the traits you should look for in your SEO Copywriter?

  • a person who is passionate about your business - who you are and what you do
  • someone who knows how to engage and inspire your readers/visitors
  • someone who wants to find out your brand values and all about your niche target market
  • someone who wants to get to grips with the problems your market shares and how you solve them
  • someone with a good understanding of keywords and keyword phrases
  • someone who can analyse and review analytics 

Website copywriting or SEO writing also depends on having a nice clear strategy and a plan so the next time you feel all confused and frustrated, talk to a trusted website copywriter because they are experienced experts who know exactly what your website and you need to succeed. 

Cherie Hawkins at Project Market offers SEO Copywriting services that gets results!  Working in the online digital world for over 10 years Cherie has evolved and kept up with the latest in the website copywriting world.  When you need a website copywriter you can trust call Cherie now on 027 7333 917 or email on