Mind Mapping, Why do I Love Writing & Me

Over the weekend I was reminded how cool mind maps are.  Of course, it took my very wise daughter to remind me.  As she plans her dreams to go off to art school in Chelsea, London (yes, I'm green with envy but bright pink with pride!) she asked if I wanted to do a mind map with her.

Out came the big piece of art paper, felts tips, colour pencils and lots of imagination.  Once I got into it,  my dreams and aspirations just flowed out of me.  I've noted things like:

  • Work with more monthly blogging clients that I love.  I can honestly say I already love the bunch I have so looking forward to meeting some more
  • Taking the family on an amazing holiday.  I don't know about you, but when you decide to go self employed and freelance the whole family comes along for the whole ride as well.  I owe my darling family, including my parents, the world for sticking by me through thick and thin.  I so want to say thank you back to them!
  • Working with my joint venture partners; Lemonjuice Design and Sizzle Sites and In2U Coaching on amazingly successful projects.  Pulling all our talents and strengths together will be wicked and I can't wait
  • Financial abundance - give and receive, give and receive ..... oh and of course, I had to draw a money tree!
  • Peace of mind - wow this is a biggie with me right now.  I'm getting better everyday of letting go, not living in fear and appreciating the wonderful things I do have already in my life.

It's a joy for me to write for others.  I think my joy comes from watching them succeed.  Someone asked me if I would ever employ people to work for me.  I've thought about that but I think my gift is to help others become their very own little boss.  To teach them how to write, how to freelance successfully and work with each other, not for each other.

That's me for now peeps,  I'm sitting in the local library hiding in the corner and it's bliss.  The beach and the library are some of my secret happy places.  Now it's time for a good old read! 


Cherie x