Blogging Tips - 4 Top Tips For A Great Blog

Are you constantly being told you should be writing a blog?

Is the "how to start a blog" stopping you in your tracks?

Stick with me and I'll share my top tips for writing a bloody great blog.

1.  Stick with what you know

What does that even mean and how the hell is that going to help me write a great blog?  What this means is when you write a blog what you are doing is sharing key information that will help your market.  Everyone on the Internet is looking for solutions to problems so give them solutions.  Pretty easy?  Stick with what you know, be authentic and don't try to be anyone else.

What a privilege it is to be paid for who you are (not who you are trying to be).

2. Don't bloody waffle

Now this coming from a copywriter, but please people don't drone on and on and on.  Say what you want to say in your blog and get the hell out.  Use short sentences.  Break up your copy so it's easy to read.  Write your first draft and then review.  It's amazing how much waffle you cut when you get to the editing phase.

3. Grab a notebook and take note of any questions you've been asked

A great blog tip is to carry around a notebook and every time someone asks you a question, write it down.  By the end of the week you should have collected enough problems that you can write about as solutions.  

4. Position yourself well

When your blogging, position it so you are attracting the right people.  It's ok to be brutally honest and stand up for what you believe in in your blog.  As Frank Kern says - "In Marketing and Sales not only do you want to be magnetic to clients that you want, you want to be repulsive and repellant to the ones you do not want"  

I absolutely one hundred percent believe in those mighty words of Frank Kern.  

As a professional copywriter and blogger I will only work with people who believe in what I can do for them.  I work on a bunch of blogs at the moment and every single one of my clients inherently gets what benefits I can bring to the table for them.  It's all about trust and having a great relationship.  I take great care every time I write them a blog and they know it.  I can see what blogs their visitors like more and what ones they don't really care for.  So what do we do?  

We feed them generously because they deserve it.

Want to know what my clients think of me?  Check it out - it's cool and I love them!