Website Writing Workshop

I can't wait to hold my very first website writing workshop on Saturday, August 22nd.  I watched a very inspiring webinar which has motivated me to step outside of my comfort zone and this is it.  I always wanted to be a teacher (I don't think I'm bossy ...) or a social worker, because I have always felt like I want to help others succeed.

I was also very lucky 8 - 9 years ago to meet an amazing lady who taught me how to write for the Internet.  It fascinated me from day one and I'm so blessed to say we became great friends and she continues to mentor me in this area.  She really is quite incredible.  Now it's my turn to help others.

Website writing isn't just a load of fluff on a page (someone said that to me once).  Website writing needs to engage, connect, inform and convert.  I love to make sure everyone I work with understands every page has a purpose and our job is to make it work.  You also need great design and functionality and when you get all three working together - wow!

I've loved our Brand Essentials Worksheet ever since I started using it with my clients and now it's my opportunity to use it with my workshop "peeps".  The great thing is it doesn't need to cost thousands and thousands to have an amazing brand or an incredible website.  That's the beauty of it.

I feel so humbled from the awesome comments people have posted on my workshop event page on Facebook.  If nothing else, it has made me feel so appreciated and happy.  The support my circle have given me has made all the difference.  

At Project Market I love copywriting but I also love to teach and coach.  If you want to come along to this event or the next one, I'd love to hear from you. If you would rather have one on coaching to find out what website writing is all about then get in contact.  Who knows, you might just find your true passion just like I did!