Pitch Perfect

Recently I had the pleasure of pitching a new website project with the amazing Andrea, Sizzle Sites - Website Developer and the super creative Sarah-Jayne, at Lemonface Design.  We spent a fair bit of time putting all our elements together so we could show how quality content, design and functionality are all key components for a website. 

We've been working on the project together now for the past couple of weeks and it's coming together a treat.  I love the fact that even though the three of us all specialise in different areas, we all have the same vision around driving the best outcomes.  We all understand strategy and how we can make a page work by adding our own touch of skill set. 

The pitch obviously went well because we won the job.  We've been told that the reason it went well is because we shared key information, we didn't "sell" to the client and we presented a professional and slick looking product (that probably would have cost a lot more if you weren't using three freelancers).

We're really proud of what we create and even though we are freelance now, we've all got corporate backgrounds so we think strategically.  We understand how business works.  It's been awesome being part of a team of three to bounce ideas off and our aim is to provide an excellent product.

Once complete, we'll share what we have created but in the mean time - if you're wanting a new website or a website revamp, we're more than happy to create a pitch that's perfect for you. Contact me or the team! ~ Cherie