Why Is Blogging Important?

Blogging isn't just "blah, blah and more blah".  Blogging is a powerful way to offer your visitors important advice, useful tips and fresh ideas.  How often you blog is one question that gets asked often and probably one that stops people from blogging in their tracks.

I've done a bit of research around this with other professional bloggers and the outcome looks like this.  We suggest you blog at least once a week and create a blogging schedule.  Your schedule will include the topic of your blog and the same day of the week you are going to publish your blog.  If you have a new product or service do more blogs in the week so you hit the ground running and people know what's new from you. 

Two things happen with a schedule - a) you now have a plan to stick to and b) you are creating habits.  I like to publish on a Tuesday or Thursday but if it's relevant for you to post on different days then you'll know what those are.  

Market Your Blog!

Tell people your blog is there by marketing it on Social Media.  So publish your blog on your website, create those all  important hyperlinks to create internal links that Google loves and then tell people it's there.  Once your Social Media buddies get used to seeing your blog they'll start to look forward to reading what you have to say.  When you make it relevant to them, you're helping them out they'll come back for more. Ask them to share with their followers and you'll start building a nice little audience of followers. 

Blogs Can Be A Good Story

If you have a success story to share, turn it into a blog and share it with the world.  We all love to hear great stories so keep telling them.  Grab a nice image, get a few quotes and your blog will look smashing.

At Project Market I love to help people with any blogging problems.  I can coach you how to blog or if you just want someone else to get on with the job I love to do that too.  Check out my monthly content marketing packages and get in touch.  Blogging is important because a website garden that is watered often thrives, otherwise it dries up.  Now get watering!