How To Market Your Website With Great Content

Discover why it’s important to market your website with great content. You’ll learn about a number of ways you can promote your business just by having powerful content, creating real value.

What Every Business Needs To Know About Great Website Content

1.     What is website content?

Many website owners underestimate the power of quality content.  Quite simply, this is because they are unsure about what it is.  Content is the writing or copy on your site and the images on your site and these are displayed in a number of ways.

First of all you have your website pages. On your website pages are writing and images.  Let’s look at the purpose of each website page first to dig a bit deeper into why websites need great content.

2.     Your Website Pages and their Purpose

Each page on a website has a role to play, it has a purpose.  The landing page or welcome page needs to ensure people they have come to the right place.  Does your website quickly and easily satisfy your visitors you have what they are looking f

Take time to have a look.  The reason for this is your visitors have learnt the art of scanning and if your website content doesn’t tell them very quickly they have come to the right place, they exit out (or bounce out). 

Are your images on your landing page appealing?  Not only does your website copy need to sound professional, your images need to captivate and engage. 

Your About Us page is primarily there to connect with your visitors.  They want to know all about you and your team, what makes you the expert.  It’s time to tell a story – why you’re in business, why you do what you do ….

Your products and or services will give your visitors the right information if written well.  If written well it’s easier to sell, or at least attract. Remember, web content needs to give solutions to problems.  Give them a great solution and your visitors will thank you for it.

Testimonials should be current and relevant.  Try and create a procedure for fresh testimonials to be added to your site on a regular basis.

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3.     Blogs, articles, newsletters, case studies – Build Up Your Website Content

Search engines, like Google, likes fresh quality content.  Posting regular blogs builds a nice backlog of quality material that visitors can refer to and use as a guide.   Like website pages, blogs identify problems your market may have and gives solutions. 

Blogs are a great way to launch an idea, a new product or new service.  If you link your blogs to the relevant website pages you can track and trace to see what blogs are working and what ones aren’t.

Newsletters inform and engage.  Snappy articles and inspiring images are another way to connect and interact with your market.  When you make your newsletters good enough to share they become a lead sales tool.

Case studies or case stories inspire your market.  It gives them an opportunity to appreciate exactly what it is you do and how good you are at it.  Website content that shows a human face to business, gives it a personal touch is all about going the extra mile.

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