How do you get Website Traffic to Convert into Sales – I’’ll show you how I do it!

In May 2015 I met up with Tami, Flowers by Tami, to discuss my content marketing packages.  Tami had been paying for Google Adwords for some time and wanted extra help to drive organic traffic to her website.  After downing a rather nice coffee and explaining how it all works Tami filled out my helpful Brand Essentials Worksheet, available and free here on my website.  Enjoy and share! 

I love this worksheet as it tells me all about my client’s values, vision, purpose, essence, brand personality, everything I need to know to create awesome blogs, content, writing etc.

Tami picked my monthly blog writing package that includes one blog each week with keyword research to drive quality website traffic.  I also included uploading the blog onto Tami’s website and 4 Facebook posts each week. 

I’m over the moon with Tami’s results and feedback (see below) and here’s some pretty powerful statistics to back this up:

Tami’s bounce rate before I started on the blogs and Facebook posts was at 58.50% and now it’s at 29.65% - that’s a decrease of visitors bouncing off her site by nearly 30%.  Super happy with that! It’s ok having paid Adwords and links coming back to your site but once visitors arrive you want them to stick around, not bounce away, and convert their visit into a sale.  This is why quality content and regular, fresh content is vital to help a website thrive.

“The blogs are obviously helping with the traffic flow to my website also as I had dropped the AdWords and am still getting a steady flow of sales coming through just purely through organic searches”

We can see an increased on transactions per month from organic traffic and that's exactly what you want to see.

Flowers by Tami’s Facebook followers rose from 293 in May and now follower numbers are at 353 with 4 more followers coming in just this week. Facebook posts reach peaked at 155 in May but now it’s on a dramatic rise with 488 people reached on 1st September and 422 on the 13th October.  How about that – exciting isn’t it!

“Cherie and I started working together about 4 months ago and wowsa!! What an improvement in my Facebook likes, comments and just the general traffic – I’ve had a lot more enquiries come through Facebook too for weddings and general sales”.

Now that’s exposure and positioning yourself exactly where you want to be.  We’re now onto guest blogging and it’s a real joy and privilege working with Tami.  Blogging and being a writer is what I love so when you can generate awesome results for your clients that don’t cost the earth, it’s what motivates me to do an excellent job.

 "I would highly recommend working with Cherie – she doesn’t need a lot of information to turn up a blog that is truly captivating and spot on. She gets me and my business and I love working with her!!

She has fantastic options for packages too, I currently have a blog a week with four Facebook posts to boost the blog throughout the week – it’s brilliant!! Oh and the comments too!! I’m flattered but I totally can’t take the credit for my amazing blog!!

Thank you Cherie – keep up the great work you do x”


Flowers by Tami

Now that’s what I love to hear!  Find out more and give me a tinkle or a little message on email if you’re serious about driving traffic and increasing online and offline sales.