Be Careful What You Ask For ....

We all know feedback is good, but too much feedback from the wrong people may not be a good thing.  It's common when you start up a business and are thinking of branding ideas or if you're rebranding to ask everyone what they think of certain logos, tag lines and content on your website.  The list doesn't stop there but those seem to be the ones we hear people ask about the most. 

So Who Do You Ask About Brand Strategy?

The experts of course!  And of course I would say ask a graphic designer about font or color of your logo. The reason for this is because they can explain the strategy for all those elements that helps your business succeed.  Graphic designers are not only creative they are smart and are full of clever ideas.  They can explain why certain colours work for you and your market, they can deliver your brand personality providing a clear vision for you and your brand.

Copywriters ensure copy or content is not only professional, but engaging and influential.  If you want to be known as an authority on your specialist topic then they know how to ensure this is what you achieve.  Whether it is on page website content, blogs, articles and newsletters they understand who your target audience is and how to reach them.

Graphic designers and copywriters are an important part of your brand management team, they get brand strategy from all angles and deliver results.

We all have well meaning friends and family who may give great advice for your business or brand, but at times this advice may confuse or just be someone's personal opinion.  I've always been in the habit of using experts because it  makes my business life easier and better.