Happy New Year!

I think we're going to be in for a good one and we're super-excited to be banging your branding drums towards your future success.

The beginning of the year is a fabulous time to think about your brand strategy, and that's why I love our Brand Essentials Worksheet Maya and I put together last year.  We're using it more and more with our clients and it's proving to be a really powerful tool.

The first question we ask on our worksheet, which is a great brand strategy template, is Discover Your Brand Personality.  After working with some fantastic businesses last year it was  really interesting to discover all the different personalities and how they all perfectly fit with their own businesses and their business owners.  This first step of discovery unleashes a whole flurry of ideas for logos, copy, rebranding that may previously have been left uncovered. 

On our sheet we first ask you to discover your brand personality ... is your brand tech savvy and futuristic or classic and traditional?  is your brand quirky and creative or stylish and sophisticated?  There are a few more for you to identify where your brand personality sits on the spectrum and not only is this process insightful, it's fun!

We all know the golden rule - never assume because you make a ass ...... yep well as someone who normally rushes in wanting to know all the answers and solve all the problems this worksheet is perfect for people like me.  It slows the process down so we can get a deeper understanding for brand management.  

If you have time in January to think about your brand strategy - the where to from here - honestly this little free worksheet is a gem to use.  It promises to give you greater clarity and vision. and of course some warm fuzzies about your own brand and style.

I'll be writing a series of blogs about brand strategy and brand management so if there is anything in particular you want to know just ask!

Here's to a great year!