Thanks Maya for creating such a cool little graphic to go with my blog ... she always makes words look so incredible.

So what have we been up to lately ... at the beginning of the year we got a request to do a cover letter and CV.  So I got to work on the words and then of course Maya used her flair for making things look great and our first little CV & cover letter package was complete.

In the back of our minds the ultimate would be if your client got their dream job - well they did!  They sent it out to three potential job sites and they got an offer.  That is the exactly the result you want.

We have also been working away getting our Brand Essentials worksheets sorted so they are now free to download off our website.  Anyone is free to use them and we have a few other things we want to develop so watch this space.

I know Maya is as passionate about this as I am and that is buying local.  We have some amazing markets around Tauranga that we get to enjoy on a regular basis and there are also some awesome local products you can buy online, like Margie's beautiful HoneyBliss.  Devine!

So since this months blog is called Inspiration it made me think about what is inspiring me at the moment ... I'm reading a book I picked up at our local Salvation Army Thrift Shop (love it!) and it's called Life Is So Good by George Dawson & Richard Glaubman.  George Dawson is the grandson of slaves who lives in Texas and he is 101 years old.  He learnt to read at 98 and it's all about how he reflects on the philosophy he learned from his father that "life is so good" .  He is truly an inspiration so once I've read it I'm keen to pass it on, so just let me know if you'd like it.

Enjoy your month, here's to being inspired (and being inspirational)

Love Cherie & Maya x