Loving the brand essentials worksheet

We created our brand essentials worksheet to dig a little deeper and get vital insights into what makes our clients tick.  We love to find out why you do what you do and then of course our copywriting, graphic design and branding needs to reflect this.

It's a really fun exercise and it covers everything from the brand personality spectrum to defining your brand goals.  It helps us understand what you want your brand to achieve, who your ideal target audience is as well as identifying their problems are and how you set about solving them.  

There's a neat little section that helps you create your vision by asking you what makes you, your product or service so special and what gives you the competitive edge.  We love the question - how do others/clients describe your product or service? 

We hope our clients always say they love our originality and our creativity, as well as being super helpful.  We like to give a lot of bang for our buck!

Our job as marketing communicators is to show and tell others how unique and special you are.

Once you complete our brand essentials worksheet you'll be bursting with pride!