What's It Like Volunteering for Beyond the Bin?

I had my very first volunteering event last week for Beyond the Bin who are the zero waste management crew here in the Bay.  

First of all I want to say they are an awesome bunch of cool people! On Friday night I took off for the weekly Gourmet Food Market at Mount Maunganui which is a beautiful group of vendors selling the most amazing food set in Coronation Park.  With wonderful live music and sunshine to boot, living the dream came to mind.

I met James who is one of the waste management supervisors who was super friendly and an all round great guy.  He took me over my H & S induction, handed me a cool Beyond the Bin tee-shirt and set me up alongside my three bins - compostable, recyclable and land fill.  I had one of those rubbish picker uppers and had been briefed around what was what and we were away.

I can honestly say everyone who came to put their rubbish in the bins were fantastic.  If they weren't too sure what went where we had cool clip boards showing examples of types of rubbish and where they should go and we are also there to help and advise.

Kim Renshaw, Managing Director of Beyond the Bin also made sure I was ok and couldn't have been nicer.  You can tell she loves what she does and is extremely passionate about her team and the environment. 

Happy to say my lowest rubbish bin was the land fill bin and our biggest haul was in the compostable.  During my 2.5 hour stint James must have emptied that around 4 times.  

So what was it like volunteering for Beyond the Bin? Bloody brilliant! I met some great people, I learnt some more, I stood in the sun and I was thanked and praised.

Oh and last but not least, I was rewarded for this fantastic experience with a meal voucher from any of the vendors plus petrol money!  I think you could say in the voice of Arnie ... I'll be back!


Bio: Cherie Hawkins at Project Market is a growing her wonderful little business as an online and environmental copywriter.  Amongst other passions she has found her purpose is to help spread the word around how we can look after each other and our environment one word at a time.  Want to contact Cherie? Here's how - email cherie@projectmarket.co.nz


My Christmas Wish List

No, it's not two front teeth - I have those thanks.

I was asked the other day by my new content marketing mentor (decided it was time to learn, learn and learn some more even if I have been doing this for nearly a decade now) what I want to get out of our training sessions.

Most of all, I want to look after my current clients and new clients and help them get what they need i.e. sales.  I know there's more to it than that but in a nutshell, that's why they use me as their website writer/copywriter.

Then I thought, what sectors do I love the most (but not limited too as I've just written for a financial advisor and loved it!) and it really is the natural, sustainable, ethical and local areas of business that truly inspire me.

The other day I went to a workshop held by Beyond the Bin a zero waste initiative that do amazing work ensuring waste from events is either recycled and composted as much as possible. I learnt more about good and bad plastics (the ones that go straight to land fill are bad and the ones that can be recycled are as good as you can get).  

I learnt that there are all sorts of compostable and completely biodegradable cutlery, plates and takeaway food carriers that all event organisers should promote and encourage.  I met a lovely lady who was big on recycling and I was pleased to share how not using plastic bags is at the top of my list at the moment. 

I already knew that plastics never, ever go away and how turtles think plastic bags floating around in the sea look like their next dish of jellyfish when it fact they aren't.  After lots of great insights I have now learnt how much I not only want to be a great copywriter but a great environmental writer who specialises in environmental marketing/green marketing.

It's mixing with such amazing people that has reignited my love of writing because I have a cause that aligns with my core values.  I wouldn't say I'm a eco-warrior by any stretch but I am passionate about doing the right thing for others and our community.  You can't un-see a lot of information I've researched and that's good.

If you know something is bad for you and others, then the only answer is to not do it.

Now for my new bio I'm going to use for my environmental writing (it may be tweaked later on down the track but here it is for now ....

If you're passionate about sustainability and looking after others and your environment contact Cherie Hawkins, a compassionate and dedicated environmental writer who will help you deliver those key messages that need sharing so we can look after our world together!

P.S. So now back to my Christmas wish list ... it looks something like this

SEO Writing - What??

Ok, so from the many, many conversations I've had with business owners there still remains a lot of confusion out there about what SEO is and what SEO Writing or Website Writing actually is.

I blame the sharks and racketeers out there trying to over confuse and over charge business owners by deliberately profiteering off others lack of knowledge versus their NEED and desire to earn money from their online platforms such as websites and social media.

BUT we don't have the time to waste on the blame game and  like any industry in the whole world, you always have the good, the bad and the ugly.

So let's get back to SEO writing .... SEO writing to me is website copywriting where you have the best keywords and/or the best keyword phrases throughout the copy on your website and any copy hereinafter e.g. blogs, articles, FAQs etc.  The biggest and most important fact to always remember is your copy or content has to be quality.  

As long as your copy helps your visitors, solves their problems, gives them great advice and offers an outstanding product and service then SEO copywriting becomes second nature either for you, someone in your team or your trusted SEO copywriter. 

What are some of the traits you should look for in your SEO Copywriter?

  • a person who is passionate about your business - who you are and what you do
  • someone who knows how to engage and inspire your readers/visitors
  • someone who wants to find out your brand values and all about your niche target market
  • someone who wants to get to grips with the problems your market shares and how you solve them
  • someone with a good understanding of keywords and keyword phrases
  • someone who can analyse and review analytics 

Website copywriting or SEO writing also depends on having a nice clear strategy and a plan so the next time you feel all confused and frustrated, talk to a trusted website copywriter because they are experienced experts who know exactly what your website and you need to succeed. 

Cherie Hawkins at Project Market offers SEO Copywriting services that gets results!  Working in the online digital world for over 10 years Cherie has evolved and kept up with the latest in the website copywriting world.  When you need a website copywriter you can trust call Cherie now on 027 7333 917 or email on cherie@projectmarket.co.nz


Niche Marketing - What the heck is it?

Niche marketing is all about being very, very specific on what and who you are targeting.  It’s picking just one service or product you have and coming up with a very clear marketing strategy.  You need to make the time and effort to send the right messages to the right audience at the right time.  

The benefits of niche marketing are once you start attracting the right market 9 times out of 10 they will also like all the other options you have on offer.

Here are some examples of areas of marketing that are niche:

Online Marketing or Internet Marketing

Some marketing consultants prefer more traditional marketing practices such as print marketing for example advertising in the paper, brochures, flyers and catalogues whilst others have specialised in online marketing or internet marketing.

It’s an area of marketing I love because you mix both the creative and informative with the analytical.  One of the strengths of someone who specialises in online marketing is the ability to read analytics and do keyword research.  

Keyword research is what we do to find out all the ways people are searching for you online and it’s brilliant for niche marketing purposes too.  Being able to read analytics is another powerful tool because we can see who is liking what on your website and social media platforms so we can give them more and more of what they like.  

I always say your website is like a garden. You need to feed it and water it so it thrives.  Leave it alone and it dies. This is why content marketing is so important to keep your website alive and your visitors happy (plus Google loves it too).

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another clever tool that some marketing professionals use and it’s great for keeping in touch with your market so they don’t forget you.  You can offer tips and guides, updates and specials and it certainly keeps you on your toes as far as ensuring you are keeping up to date with what’s going on where.

A good idea for email marketing is a regular e-newsletter to send out to your market.  Pop it onto your marketing strategy to make sure you get it done whether you do it yourself or outsource it to the professionals.  

If you need help with your niche marketing visit me here at www.projectmarket.co.nz.  It’s a very specific way to work and with a niche marketing plan up your sleeve you’ll feel more focused and be armed with some very vital insights.

How do you get Website Traffic to Convert into Sales – I’’ll show you how I do it!

In May 2015 I met up with Tami, Flowers by Tami, to discuss my content marketing packages.  Tami had been paying for Google Adwords for some time and wanted extra help to drive organic traffic to her website.  After downing a rather nice coffee and explaining how it all works Tami filled out my helpful Brand Essentials Worksheet, available and free here on my website.  Enjoy and share! 

I love this worksheet as it tells me all about my client’s values, vision, purpose, essence, brand personality, everything I need to know to create awesome blogs, content, writing etc.

Tami picked my monthly blog writing package that includes one blog each week with keyword research to drive quality website traffic.  I also included uploading the blog onto Tami’s website and 4 Facebook posts each week. 

I’m over the moon with Tami’s results and feedback (see below) and here’s some pretty powerful statistics to back this up:

Tami’s bounce rate before I started on the blogs and Facebook posts was at 58.50% and now it’s at 29.65% - that’s a decrease of visitors bouncing off her site by nearly 30%.  Super happy with that! It’s ok having paid Adwords and links coming back to your site but once visitors arrive you want them to stick around, not bounce away, and convert their visit into a sale.  This is why quality content and regular, fresh content is vital to help a website thrive.

“The blogs are obviously helping with the traffic flow to my website also as I had dropped the AdWords and am still getting a steady flow of sales coming through just purely through organic searches”

We can see an increased on transactions per month from organic traffic and that's exactly what you want to see.

Flowers by Tami’s Facebook followers rose from 293 in May and now follower numbers are at 353 with 4 more followers coming in just this week. Facebook posts reach peaked at 155 in May but now it’s on a dramatic rise with 488 people reached on 1st September and 422 on the 13th October.  How about that – exciting isn’t it!

“Cherie and I started working together about 4 months ago and wowsa!! What an improvement in my Facebook likes, comments and just the general traffic – I’ve had a lot more enquiries come through Facebook too for weddings and general sales”.

Now that’s exposure and positioning yourself exactly where you want to be.  We’re now onto guest blogging and it’s a real joy and privilege working with Tami.  Blogging and being a writer is what I love so when you can generate awesome results for your clients that don’t cost the earth, it’s what motivates me to do an excellent job.

 "I would highly recommend working with Cherie – she doesn’t need a lot of information to turn up a blog that is truly captivating and spot on. She gets me and my business and I love working with her!!

She has fantastic options for packages too, I currently have a blog a week with four Facebook posts to boost the blog throughout the week – it’s brilliant!! Oh and the comments too!! I’m flattered but I totally can’t take the credit for my amazing blog!!

Thank you Cherie – keep up the great work you do x”


Flowers by Tami

Now that’s what I love to hear!  Find out more and give me a tinkle or a little message on email if you’re serious about driving traffic and increasing online and offline sales. 


Strategic Marketing - Are You Looking Irresistible Today?

Strategic marketing sounds expensive, too hard or even what the hell is it, but let me tell you what it's not.  It doesn't need to cost you an arm and a leg with the right people.  It's not there to bamboozle you and confuse you. If done properly it's nice and easy steps to follow to get you from A - B.

B being growth and success that is.

Let me share with you my marketing strategy example so you can see what can be done.

My clients love it because of two things, or maybe a few more than two.  First of all, it's easy to follow and comprehend. It's designed to get results in the most cost effective manner.  Most of what I can provide you,  you can use in more than one way, which means you get way more bang for your buck.

So here's my marketing strategy example:

Step One:  You fill in the Brand Essentials Worksheet.  This sheet is free and it's a genius.  You share your brand personality, your values, vision, essence, who your ideal market is and a lot of information that creates the back bone of your marketing strategy. 

Step Two: Once I have a good read of your worksheet, I create a key messages document.  A key messages document has 4 - 5 key messages for you to use in all your marketing communications.  That could be for your website, your flyers and your networking.  

The key here is consistency.  This is a common problem most people in business struggle with but with a key messages document tucked in your back pocket you can't go wrong.  

You can share it with your team so when they're out and about talking about your business, you're all singing from the same hymn sheet.  

You can create a nice telemarketing script using this document. Heck you even use it to update all your online bios.  That's more than just a two for one offer, that's more like a four for one offer!

Step Three: I meet with all my clients to talk about how they want to proceed.  Most of my regular clients have weekly blogs that we create a blog schedule for as part of the marketing strategy. 

We talk about seasons, or trends, what's coming up and I join in staff meetings if I need to, to get the insider knowledge.  I never take this for granted because it's important I gather as much information as I can so I know what needs to go in your marketing strategy.

We can look at competition, likes and dislikes, demographic, lifestyle of your market - everything we can to uncover who we are talking to.  I can refresh website content with new material to give it that real polish that it needs, we can create new pages and new products to continuously leverage our strengths and skills together.

If you want to find out more about easy and affordable marketing strategy get in touch. It's not nearly as hard or as expensive as you might think and drum roll please .... it gets results!  That's what we're talking about!

Project Market is your one stop shop for all your marketing needs.   As a professional copywriter, communications and marketing strategist I work alone or with a team of the highest quality designers, business consultants and web developers who have the same values as me.  That is to provide the highest quality product at the best price on the market.  Want to give it a try? Get in contact today!


Mind Mapping, Why do I Love Writing & Me

Over the weekend I was reminded how cool mind maps are.  Of course, it took my very wise daughter to remind me.  As she plans her dreams to go off to art school in Chelsea, London (yes, I'm green with envy but bright pink with pride!) she asked if I wanted to do a mind map with her.

Out came the big piece of art paper, felts tips, colour pencils and lots of imagination.  Once I got into it,  my dreams and aspirations just flowed out of me.  I've noted things like:

  • Work with more monthly blogging clients that I love.  I can honestly say I already love the bunch I have so looking forward to meeting some more
  • Taking the family on an amazing holiday.  I don't know about you, but when you decide to go self employed and freelance the whole family comes along for the whole ride as well.  I owe my darling family, including my parents, the world for sticking by me through thick and thin.  I so want to say thank you back to them!
  • Working with my joint venture partners; Lemonjuice Design and Sizzle Sites and In2U Coaching on amazingly successful projects.  Pulling all our talents and strengths together will be wicked and I can't wait
  • Financial abundance - give and receive, give and receive ..... oh and of course, I had to draw a money tree!
  • Peace of mind - wow this is a biggie with me right now.  I'm getting better everyday of letting go, not living in fear and appreciating the wonderful things I do have already in my life.

It's a joy for me to write for others.  I think my joy comes from watching them succeed.  Someone asked me if I would ever employ people to work for me.  I've thought about that but I think my gift is to help others become their very own little boss.  To teach them how to write, how to freelance successfully and work with each other, not for each other.

That's me for now peeps,  I'm sitting in the local library hiding in the corner and it's bliss.  The beach and the library are some of my secret happy places.  Now it's time for a good old read! 


Cherie x



Blogging Tips - 4 Top Tips For A Great Blog

Are you constantly being told you should be writing a blog?

Is the "how to start a blog" stopping you in your tracks?

Stick with me and I'll share my top tips for writing a bloody great blog.

1.  Stick with what you know

What does that even mean and how the hell is that going to help me write a great blog?  What this means is when you write a blog what you are doing is sharing key information that will help your market.  Everyone on the Internet is looking for solutions to problems so give them solutions.  Pretty easy?  Stick with what you know, be authentic and don't try to be anyone else.

What a privilege it is to be paid for who you are (not who you are trying to be).

2. Don't bloody waffle

Now this coming from a copywriter, but please people don't drone on and on and on.  Say what you want to say in your blog and get the hell out.  Use short sentences.  Break up your copy so it's easy to read.  Write your first draft and then review.  It's amazing how much waffle you cut when you get to the editing phase.

3. Grab a notebook and take note of any questions you've been asked

A great blog tip is to carry around a notebook and every time someone asks you a question, write it down.  By the end of the week you should have collected enough problems that you can write about as solutions.  

4. Position yourself well

When your blogging, position it so you are attracting the right people.  It's ok to be brutally honest and stand up for what you believe in in your blog.  As Frank Kern says - "In Marketing and Sales not only do you want to be magnetic to clients that you want, you want to be repulsive and repellant to the ones you do not want"  

I absolutely one hundred percent believe in those mighty words of Frank Kern.  

As a professional copywriter and blogger I will only work with people who believe in what I can do for them.  I work on a bunch of blogs at the moment and every single one of my clients inherently gets what benefits I can bring to the table for them.  It's all about trust and having a great relationship.  I take great care every time I write them a blog and they know it.  I can see what blogs their visitors like more and what ones they don't really care for.  So what do we do?  

We feed them generously because they deserve it.

Want to know what my clients think of me?  Check it out - it's cool and I love them!





Website Writing Workshop

I can't wait to hold my very first website writing workshop on Saturday, August 22nd.  I watched a very inspiring webinar which has motivated me to step outside of my comfort zone and this is it.  I always wanted to be a teacher (I don't think I'm bossy ...) or a social worker, because I have always felt like I want to help others succeed.

I was also very lucky 8 - 9 years ago to meet an amazing lady who taught me how to write for the Internet.  It fascinated me from day one and I'm so blessed to say we became great friends and she continues to mentor me in this area.  She really is quite incredible.  Now it's my turn to help others.

Website writing isn't just a load of fluff on a page (someone said that to me once).  Website writing needs to engage, connect, inform and convert.  I love to make sure everyone I work with understands every page has a purpose and our job is to make it work.  You also need great design and functionality and when you get all three working together - wow!

I've loved our Brand Essentials Worksheet ever since I started using it with my clients and now it's my opportunity to use it with my workshop "peeps".  The great thing is it doesn't need to cost thousands and thousands to have an amazing brand or an incredible website.  That's the beauty of it.

I feel so humbled from the awesome comments people have posted on my workshop event page on Facebook.  If nothing else, it has made me feel so appreciated and happy.  The support my circle have given me has made all the difference.  

At Project Market I love copywriting but I also love to teach and coach.  If you want to come along to this event or the next one, I'd love to hear from you. If you would rather have one on coaching to find out what website writing is all about then get in contact.  Who knows, you might just find your true passion just like I did!




Why Is Blogging Important?

Blogging isn't just "blah, blah and more blah".  Blogging is a powerful way to offer your visitors important advice, useful tips and fresh ideas.  How often you blog is one question that gets asked often and probably one that stops people from blogging in their tracks.

I've done a bit of research around this with other professional bloggers and the outcome looks like this.  We suggest you blog at least once a week and create a blogging schedule.  Your schedule will include the topic of your blog and the same day of the week you are going to publish your blog.  If you have a new product or service do more blogs in the week so you hit the ground running and people know what's new from you. 

Two things happen with a schedule - a) you now have a plan to stick to and b) you are creating habits.  I like to publish on a Tuesday or Thursday but if it's relevant for you to post on different days then you'll know what those are.  

Market Your Blog!

Tell people your blog is there by marketing it on Social Media.  So publish your blog on your website, create those all  important hyperlinks to create internal links that Google loves and then tell people it's there.  Once your Social Media buddies get used to seeing your blog they'll start to look forward to reading what you have to say.  When you make it relevant to them, you're helping them out they'll come back for more. Ask them to share with their followers and you'll start building a nice little audience of followers. 

Blogs Can Be A Good Story

If you have a success story to share, turn it into a blog and share it with the world.  We all love to hear great stories so keep telling them.  Grab a nice image, get a few quotes and your blog will look smashing.

At Project Market I love to help people with any blogging problems.  I can coach you how to blog or if you just want someone else to get on with the job I love to do that too.  Check out my monthly content marketing packages and get in touch.  Blogging is important because a website garden that is watered often thrives, otherwise it dries up.  Now get watering!




How To Market Your Website With Great Content

Discover why it’s important to market your website with great content. You’ll learn about a number of ways you can promote your business just by having powerful content, creating real value.

What Every Business Needs To Know About Great Website Content

1.     What is website content?

Many website owners underestimate the power of quality content.  Quite simply, this is because they are unsure about what it is.  Content is the writing or copy on your site and the images on your site and these are displayed in a number of ways.

First of all you have your website pages. On your website pages are writing and images.  Let’s look at the purpose of each website page first to dig a bit deeper into why websites need great content.

2.     Your Website Pages and their Purpose

Each page on a website has a role to play, it has a purpose.  The landing page or welcome page needs to ensure people they have come to the right place.  Does your website quickly and easily satisfy your visitors you have what they are looking f

Take time to have a look.  The reason for this is your visitors have learnt the art of scanning and if your website content doesn’t tell them very quickly they have come to the right place, they exit out (or bounce out). 

Are your images on your landing page appealing?  Not only does your website copy need to sound professional, your images need to captivate and engage. 

Your About Us page is primarily there to connect with your visitors.  They want to know all about you and your team, what makes you the expert.  It’s time to tell a story – why you’re in business, why you do what you do ….

Your products and or services will give your visitors the right information if written well.  If written well it’s easier to sell, or at least attract. Remember, web content needs to give solutions to problems.  Give them a great solution and your visitors will thank you for it.

Testimonials should be current and relevant.  Try and create a procedure for fresh testimonials to be added to your site on a regular basis.

For a more one on one session about website content and why it’s so important book a time here: Contact Us

3.     Blogs, articles, newsletters, case studies – Build Up Your Website Content

Search engines, like Google, likes fresh quality content.  Posting regular blogs builds a nice backlog of quality material that visitors can refer to and use as a guide.   Like website pages, blogs identify problems your market may have and gives solutions. 

Blogs are a great way to launch an idea, a new product or new service.  If you link your blogs to the relevant website pages you can track and trace to see what blogs are working and what ones aren’t.

Newsletters inform and engage.  Snappy articles and inspiring images are another way to connect and interact with your market.  When you make your newsletters good enough to share they become a lead sales tool.

Case studies or case stories inspire your market.  It gives them an opportunity to appreciate exactly what it is you do and how good you are at it.  Website content that shows a human face to business, gives it a personal touch is all about going the extra mile.

For more information on blogs, articles, newsletters, case studies and writing expertise contact us here

Available to purchase are monthly packages for a period of 6 months or 12 months.

When you need content that engages talk to the experts!

Be Careful What You Ask For ....

We all know feedback is good, but too much feedback from the wrong people may not be a good thing.  It's common when you start up a business and are thinking of branding ideas or if you're rebranding to ask everyone what they think of certain logos, tag lines and content on your website.  The list doesn't stop there but those seem to be the ones we hear people ask about the most. 

So Who Do You Ask About Brand Strategy?

The experts of course!  And of course I would say ask a graphic designer about font or color of your logo. The reason for this is because they can explain the strategy for all those elements that helps your business succeed.  Graphic designers are not only creative they are smart and are full of clever ideas.  They can explain why certain colours work for you and your market, they can deliver your brand personality providing a clear vision for you and your brand.

Copywriters ensure copy or content is not only professional, but engaging and influential.  If you want to be known as an authority on your specialist topic then they know how to ensure this is what you achieve.  Whether it is on page website content, blogs, articles and newsletters they understand who your target audience is and how to reach them.

Graphic designers and copywriters are an important part of your brand management team, they get brand strategy from all angles and deliver results.

We all have well meaning friends and family who may give great advice for your business or brand, but at times this advice may confuse or just be someone's personal opinion.  I've always been in the habit of using experts because it  makes my business life easier and better.


Happy New Year!

I think we're going to be in for a good one and we're super-excited to be banging your branding drums towards your future success.

The beginning of the year is a fabulous time to think about your brand strategy, and that's why I love our Brand Essentials Worksheet Maya and I put together last year.  We're using it more and more with our clients and it's proving to be a really powerful tool.

The first question we ask on our worksheet, which is a great brand strategy template, is Discover Your Brand Personality.  After working with some fantastic businesses last year it was  really interesting to discover all the different personalities and how they all perfectly fit with their own businesses and their business owners.  This first step of discovery unleashes a whole flurry of ideas for logos, copy, rebranding that may previously have been left uncovered. 

On our sheet we first ask you to discover your brand personality ... is your brand tech savvy and futuristic or classic and traditional?  is your brand quirky and creative or stylish and sophisticated?  There are a few more for you to identify where your brand personality sits on the spectrum and not only is this process insightful, it's fun!

We all know the golden rule - never assume because you make a ass ...... yep well as someone who normally rushes in wanting to know all the answers and solve all the problems this worksheet is perfect for people like me.  It slows the process down so we can get a deeper understanding for brand management.  

If you have time in January to think about your brand strategy - the where to from here - honestly this little free worksheet is a gem to use.  It promises to give you greater clarity and vision. and of course some warm fuzzies about your own brand and style.

I'll be writing a series of blogs about brand strategy and brand management so if there is anything in particular you want to know just ask!

Here's to a great year!





Loving the brand essentials worksheet

We created our brand essentials worksheet to dig a little deeper and get vital insights into what makes our clients tick.  We love to find out why you do what you do and then of course our copywriting, graphic design and branding needs to reflect this.

It's a really fun exercise and it covers everything from the brand personality spectrum to defining your brand goals.  It helps us understand what you want your brand to achieve, who your ideal target audience is as well as identifying their problems are and how you set about solving them.  

There's a neat little section that helps you create your vision by asking you what makes you, your product or service so special and what gives you the competitive edge.  We love the question - how do others/clients describe your product or service? 

We hope our clients always say they love our originality and our creativity, as well as being super helpful.  We like to give a lot of bang for our buck!

Our job as marketing communicators is to show and tell others how unique and special you are.

Once you complete our brand essentials worksheet you'll be bursting with pride! 





Getting Those Creative Juices Flowing

This month I was sent out an email from the amazing Susannah Conway website and it's called The August Break 2014.  Everyday I get sent an email with a subject or topic to take photographs of.  It's so cool!  So far I have had to take a photo of my lunch, patterns, windows and orange.  

What it does is focus your eye on things we don't normally pay any attention to.  I particularly loved the windows one because I have seen some really beautiful windows out there.  Todays topic is orange and so far I have captured the most amazing, bright orange poppies and not usually a place for such inspiration (the doctors with my darling sick son) a lovely piece of art with lots of orange!!

Oh and I just spotted my berrocca is a lovely touch of orange too - now where's my phone! :)


It's The People You Meet ...

We all get asked this question ... What do you love about doing what you do?  A big part of what I love about being part of a marketing team is the people you meet.  Last month I met some incredible people.  People who inspire me.  People who know everything there is to know about their product and who speak with so much passion. 

Read more ....



Thanks Maya for creating such a cool little graphic to go with my blog ... she always makes words look so incredible.

So what have we been up to lately ... at the beginning of the year we got a request to do a cover letter and CV.  So I got to work on the words and then of course Maya used her flair for making things look great and our first little CV & cover letter package was complete.

In the back of our minds the ultimate would be if your client got their dream job - well they did!  They sent it out to three potential job sites and they got an offer.  That is the exactly the result you want.

We have also been working away getting our Brand Essentials worksheets sorted so they are now free to download off our website.  Anyone is free to use them and we have a few other things we want to develop so watch this space.

I know Maya is as passionate about this as I am and that is buying local.  We have some amazing markets around Tauranga that we get to enjoy on a regular basis and there are also some awesome local products you can buy online, like Margie's beautiful HoneyBliss.  Devine!

So since this months blog is called Inspiration it made me think about what is inspiring me at the moment ... I'm reading a book I picked up at our local Salvation Army Thrift Shop (love it!) and it's called Life Is So Good by George Dawson & Richard Glaubman.  George Dawson is the grandson of slaves who lives in Texas and he is 101 years old.  He learnt to read at 98 and it's all about how he reflects on the philosophy he learned from his father that "life is so good" .  He is truly an inspiration so once I've read it I'm keen to pass it on, so just let me know if you'd like it.

Enjoy your month, here's to being inspired (and being inspirational)

Love Cherie & Maya x





A New Year

Well 2014 has certainly kicked off with a hiss and a roar!!  We have been busy creating new worksheets that will soon be ready to download for free off our website.  Both will be helpful and clever little tools to help you, help us with your brand and marketing strategy.  You can get a sneak peek of one of them at our Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/projectmarket.nz 

We've also been working on our own advertising strategy and have two adverts coming up, one will be in the next Venus Magazine.  The inspirational stories about a whole range of talented businesswomen is a must-read.  


We are also lucky enough to have a piece in the Bay of Plenty Times Indulge magazine which we were invited to comment on so we're really excited to see them when they are published.

Apart from that Maya and her husband are working hard on building their first new home.  It's not easy trying to fit everything in but it will be worth it in the end!  We'll have photos coming soon ...

We're loving the projects we have already started working on and looking forward to many more.  If you want to see some of the work we have already done check out our Portfolio page.

One of the goals this year is to do as many creative activities as I can fit in .... farmer's markets, festivals, second-hand book shops and time-out on the beach (or just reading a good book).  

It's working a treat so far :)

Until next time


Cherie and Maya