It’s not everyday you get to meet a marketing and communications team who have a unique flair for incredible graphic design, content writing wizardry and wonderful website creation! We’re not here to gloat but we are here to make sure you receive a powerful brand, amazing content, and a fantastic website that attracts quality traffic, business cards with a difference, and sophisticated print promotional material - you will be so proud!

We are marketing and communication enthusiasts at Project Market, but much more than that we are people enthusiasts and we can  develop premium marketing packages that suits you. 






Project Market is a delightful collaboration of content and design. We will ensure you get a polished finished product that works cohesively with your vision and dream for your business. We take our job very seriously but have a huge amount of fun doing it. We will drive to constantly create a unique brand and give you marketing tools that transform onto print promotions and into your website.

Here we turn dreams into reality. Tell us what you want to achieve, and we make it a reality.  

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Project Market has all the resources you need - the complete package, so you can show case your business successfully. We saw a growing demand for branding and websites that needed to be wonderful, functional and completed sooner rather than later, so we have grabbed  the proverbial bull by the horns and offering you exactly that. 

We have combined our cleverness and talents that haven’t been whizzed up in moments but lovingly honed over the last seven or so years so you get to wake up and smell the heavenly aroma of our online marketing communications, espresso style. 


Our monthly content marketing packages are getting some real interest and we know why!  They engage, attract and get some real action ... check them out and talk to us!